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David Rangel, COO, Iterable

David has been with Iterable since 2015 as COO and, formerly, the VP of Marketing. He has attended multiple eTail events during his time at Iterable (both large and small-scale). In fact, by the end of 2017, David will have attended a total of eight eTail events.

Iterable, founded in 2013, is a modern growth marketing platform for marketers and mid-size enterprise B2C companies. It empowers growth marketers to create world-class user engagement campaigns throughout the marketing lifecycle, across all channels.


eTail Connect is an intimate gathering to network and showcase your product.

"Compared to large events, Connect events are not as much about exposure as they are about meeting the small number of people that are there. Our sales people really do appreciate the one-on-one format. We have a good product, and all we need is a shot at someone who is in the position to buy. eTail Connect provides and facilitates that kind of exposure. The people in attendance are there because their company is looking to invest in a specific kind of product, and you’ve got them in front of you for 20 minutes. Iterable has been to both the large scale and small scale eTail events. They are very different, but we have benefitted from both".


eTail Connect is worth the investment

"Ultimately, we measure our success at an event by the number of opportunities that result from it. What we mean by opportunities is not just a meeting, but a meeting that generates an actual follow up call because of real interest in our product. In terms of ROI, we know how much closing a deal is worth, and we arrive at that number by the number of opportunities or closed deals we would need for it to be worth it. I know how many people we’re meeting with one-on-one, and I know how many deals we need to close for it to be worth it. Ultimately, it’s a good outcome".


This is the only event that connects you with exact people you want to meet.

“We’ve tried one or two events that have a similar one-on-one format to eTail Connect. I would say that eTail Connect is much more targeted in terms of the people we want to talk to – people who have actual buying power. The people who attend eTail Connect are exactly who we’re looking for, while at other events the attendees are one step removed. In a lot of other conferences, promises about the audience are made and are not delivered on.”

“Every person from every retailer is really what you guys promised, and that’s very different from a lot of other conferences.”

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Sponsorship at WBR events, like eTail Connect and its associated programs, is a great way to put your organization in front of exactly who you want to meet.

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