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Three Great Ways to Provide Value Through Your Mobile Experience


Ecommerce has become a powerful force in recent years, and it may not be too long before it completely overtakes brick and mortar as customers' preferred method of shopping. After all, mobile commerce (mcommerce) is rapidly gaining ground as an alternative to shopping on a desktop or laptop computer.

Augmented Reality and the Future of Mobile


As is often the case with new technology, AR took a while to get off the ground. But now consumers are embracing it. What's more, thanks to AR development platforms like Apple's ARKit, the AR business case is growing as more and more enterprises seek out new ways to deploy the technology to reach mobile customers.

How Brands Can Use Personalized Mobile Messaging to Drive Revenue


A small percentage of consumers also see value in being contacted by brands via their phones - something which can be addressed by incorporating personalized messaging into your mobile strategy.

How Brands Can Use Gamification to Boost Mobile Engagement and Customer Experience


Careless incorporation of gamification can lead to a cluttered user interface (UI) and leave customers confused and frustrated with your app. This will inevitably lead to their thumb finding its way to the dreaded uninstall button and all engagement with your app permanently ceased.

Mobile Experiences Must Be Wisely Incorporated into Brick-and-Mortar Retail


Omnichannel has long been the focus of technologically-savvy brands who recognize that the only way for brick and mortar to survive in the digital age is to bring the power of mobile to their shopping experiences.

How Proximity Marketing Is Bringing Mobile and Brick-and-Mortar Retail Together


There are many ways retailers are using mobile technology to augment the brick-and-mortar shopping experience for their customers. People love their smartphones and are constantly glued to them.

How The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' Sassy Chatbot Rose Is Driving Engagement, Satisfaction, Revenue, and Direct Bookings


She began working for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in January last year and has been driving direct bookings, treating guests to free drinks, solving their problems, and increasing satisfaction ever since. She's also received dozens of marriage proposals, and will soon link to the luxury hotel's loyalty program.

eBay's New "Interests" Feature Delivers Personalized Mobile Experiences by Asking Users What They Want


eBay is ramping up personalization for users of its mobile app and has come up with a novel way to fine-tune results - asking consumers outright what they're actually interested in.

How Walmart Is Making In-Store Shopping Faster and Easier with a Mobile Store Assistant, and Simplifying Online Returns with Mobile Express


A new feature to Walmart's mobile app - known as Store Assistant - introduces a suite of new tools that are revolutionizing the shopping experience, helping customers save time when visiting stores, and even allowing them to create "smart" shopping lists before leaving the house.

Here's How Timberland Teamed up with a Hip-Hop Legend to Offer a New Spin on Mobile Ads


It was in the 90s when hip-hop artists like Nas started donning Timberland's iconic Yellow Boot, giving the footwear mass street cred, and earning Timberland a place at very fore of US pop culture. And it was this reputation that the brand wanted to push in creative and interactive ways with a mobile ad campaign.

Here's How TGI Fridays Is Creating New Customer Experiences with an AI-Powered Virtual Bartender


Companies all over the world are looking to leverage the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive unique experiences for their customers. Now, TGI Fridays - in collaboration with Hyper Giant - is utilizing these technologies to give birth to the virtual barman.

Here's How Domino's is Using Video Games and Delivery Hotspots to Offer New Engagement Opportunities for Mobile Customers


Pizza restaurant and delivery chain Domino's is ramping up the food delivery wars with two new innovations for mobile customers - Domino's Hotspots, and a rewards-based mobile game called Piece of the Pie Pursuit.

How United Airlines Is Empowering Employees with Enterprise Mobile Apps


For many years now, brands and retailers have understood that mobile puts great power in the hands of customers, enabling them to access services on-the-go and take greater control over the retail experience in ways that simply weren’t possible a decade or so ago.

How PureFormulas is Boosting Revenue with its Progressive Web App


Mobile commerce may be speedily on the rise across the board as more and more consumers are turning to their smartphones for purchases. But speed is also a critical factor when it comes to keeping those same customers on a retailer’s mobile website – namely in how long it takes for a page to load.

How Newegg Hatched a Strategy to Deliver Customer Service via Facebook Messenger


The Newegg iOS and Android apps also received a makeover – they now serve customized homepages which become personalized with shortcuts to most-visited product categories, and throw-up price alerts and recommendations.

Here is Marriott's Mobile Customer Experience Strategy


95% of Americans now own a cell phone of some kind, according to the Pew Research Center – 77% specifically with a smartphone in their pocket. What’s even more critical, however, is the fact that 78% of respondents to the Mobile Ecosystem Forum made a purchase directly from their mobile device last year.

Here’s How JCPenney is Mounting an Omnichannel Fightback through Mobile


Today, as more and more consumers turn to their smartphones to fulfil their shopping needs, the demand and the expectation for retailers to deliver increasingly sophisticated mobile experiences is rising.

GasBuddy's Mobile Coupon Strategy


GasBuddy has been busy with a new strategy that is fueling in-store engagement and sales with a strategic partnership designed to get consumers spending more at the convenience stores they use when filling up their tanks.